Algor staffing and consulting specialists are working in all types of industries. We understanding that you have different types of requirements when it comes to finding the perfect job. That is why our experts cover both the public and private job sector.

Public sector


We will share your resume in the public sector according to the vacancies available. We will present your resume with such perfection that you will surely get the job you have been looking for. Our consulting experts will help you understand your responsibilities at work to assure that you can accomplish all tasks professionally.

Private sector


We know that it is difficult to find a job in a private sector. Do not worry because we are aware of several companies who will quickly hire you because of the talent and expertise that you have. We will make the hiring process simple and easy for you. Our experts will assure that you will get your job in limited time.

The public and private areas we cover are.

  • Information technology/management
  • Business consulting
  • Chain/change management
  • Real property
  • Project management
  • Human resources consultants

Staffing and consulting services


Algor experts will provide the consulting services in the following streams.

Stream 1: Application services

Stream 3: Information management/Information technology services

Stream 4: Business services

Stream 5: Project management services

Stream 6: Cyber protection services

Stream 8: Human resources services

Stream 9: Business consulting/Change management

Stream 10: Project management services

Stream 11: Real property project management services

Stream 12: Alternative dispute resolution services

There are various other positions as well in these streams.